Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints
Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints

Equine Poetry
by Barbara Anne Dunn

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Horses of the Storm

In the shadows
of a misted moon,
As a storm
is passing through;

Drift the images
of horses,
Silvered manes
and coats deep blue.

Cloudy bodies swirl
in motion;
Nostrils breathe
the pending storm...

Horses play amidst
the heavens;
Of their clashing---
lightning's born!

High on windy rain
and energy,
They rear and spin
and prance!

To the mighty peals
of thunder,
They call and run
and dance!

Eyes of stars
unveil the darkness
As they race
'cross falling night...

Airy horses
of the summer storm---
Dissipating in

© 1998, 2003 by Barbara Dunn Reeves
All rights reserved.

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