Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints
Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints

Equine Poetry
by Barbara Anne Dunn

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           Dark Horse

Dark Horse!
Lone phantom of the Ages--
Mastery dreamt of by paupers and kings.
Ne'er one save The Ghost Warrior dare ride!

Dark Horse!
Thy dauntless Soul bearing
the luminous fires of Prometheus--
Forever answering to battle's haunting call.

Dark Horse!
Distant thundering of righteous Gods
beating your bold heart
to the ceaseless rhythm of Eternity.

Dark Horse!
Thy echoing hooves so nobly blest
by the gift of Mercury's wings--
Liquid silver running o'er the plains.

Dark Horse!
Immortal guidon of restless nomads,
Sages weeping to grasp Thy wisdom,
Garnered truly through such lucid eyes.

Dark Horse!
Captured fleetingly by the Artist's brush,
Stabled lovingly in Man's treasured tomes,
Forever living and never dying.

Dark Horse!
Pounding down through time;
Solitary witness to the pursuits of men,
And privy to the realms of Angels.

© 1998, 2003 by Barbara Dunn Reeves
All Rights Reserved

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