Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints
Dark Horse Ranch - Equine Art Poetry Prints

Welcome to DarkHorse Ranch, Inc., featuring the poetry prints of Barbara Anne Dunn.

DarkHorse Ranch is named after Barbara's Peruvian Paso, "El Despejo". He embodies the beauty, spirit and friendship of the horse.

Enjoy your visit to DarkHorse Ranch, Inc., and know that a percentage of your purchase of the poetry prints from this site will go to help support equine rescue, and to help those who help the horses.

Barbara Anne Dunn is a life-long horselover, and an Equine Welfare Specialist. Her areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Equine Rescue
  • Equine Rehabilitation
  • Natural Remedies and Nutrition
  • Boarding and Equine Management
  • Networking with other rescuers and equine welfare individuals
  • Political activities that enhance the welfare and protection of the horse.
  • Using the arts and aesthetics, and the written word, to raise awareness and improve conditions.
Poetry Print of "My Horse's Wish" by Barbara Anne Dunn.  Click here to see this image larger -- and so you can read the poem.

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"May you hear the poetry in the echo of their hooves."

Barbara Anne Dunn

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